Fully Untraceable

DAI coins forwarded to users are ultimately coming from a different source than the DAI deposited to the Mixer by its users, that way, there is absolutely no link between your mixed DAI and the DAI you will receive.

We guarantee Full Protection against Blockchain Analysis!

Legitimate DAI

DAI Mixer does not simply merge dodgy DAI coins together and redistribute them...

We guarantee that all DAI coins exiting the mixer are entirely legitimate and coming from legal sources such as investors wallet, verified accounts on exchanges, ...

DAI Mixer

Welcome! This Mixer allows DAI owners to Anonymize their DAI Coins and Obfuscate their true origin By Mixing them.

The DAI Mixer is fully automated and is open to everyone, no account needed, No logs, no KYC...

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Our Commitment to Transparency and Security

Dear valued users,

Mixer-Obfuscator is a fully legitimate and transparent service that operates with the highest level of integrity and ethics.

We provide every user with a unique mixing wallet address, ensuring that each transaction is completely confidential. In addition, we provide each user with a signed Letter of Guarantee, which is a legally binding contract between our service and the user. This letter includes every detail of the mixing transaction and is digitally signed using our PGP public key, which can be easily verified.

We want to assure our users that we take their privacy and security seriously, and we operate with full transparency. We are committed to providing a safe and reliable service for all of our users, and we are confident that our service is fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

If you have any questions or concerns about our mixing service, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and to provide you with the highest level of service and support.

Thank you for choosing Mixer-Obfuscator, and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.


No account, No KYC, We do not collect information about DAI Mixer's users.

Fast and Reliable

DAI Mixing being is fully automated and only needs seconds to be processed.

Low Fees

Anonymize your Day Coins for the lowest fees possible: Only 3% of your mixed DAI.

High Capacity

Our large reserve of DAI allows users to mix as much as 500,000 DAI per Session.

Important Notice

  • Reading our FAQ would help you to know everything you need regarding this DAI Mixer.
  • Mixing Fees: 3% + 2×(DAI Transactions' Costs) .
  • Minimum Deposit: 50.00 DAI.
  • Maximum Deposit: 500,000.00 DAI.
*Your Untraceable DAI will be sent to that address.
*Delay your payout of Anonymous DAI to avoid chain analysis.
*We would never check...

3 Steps Process

Configure the Mixer

Enter your desired Forwarding Address, choose a Forwarding Delay and click "Start".

Deposit your DAI(Erc20)

Transfer the DAI you want to anonymize to the Mixing wallet given by the DAI mixer.

Receive Anonymous DAI

Once the Forwarding Delay elapsed, Untraceable DAI will be sent to your address.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a DAI mixer?

  • A DAI mixer (also known as DAI Tumbler, DAI Obfuscator or DAI Anonymizer) is a technology allowing users to make Anonymous DAI Transactions over the Ethereum Blockchain by obfuscating the true origin and true destination of the DAI Coins, and avoiding the DAI Coins to ever be traced back.
  • It is used to transfer DAI from your identified wallet to another Anonymous wallet of yours.

Why should I use a mixer?

  • At first glance, you might think that the Blockchain is Anonymous, unfortunately, that's not true, the blockchain is rather Pseudonymous (your wallet's address). However, your true identity is most-likely known:
    • Acquaintances: If you ever sent/receive crypto on your wallet from someone who knows you?...
    • Exchanges: When you use an exchange, this exchange asks for your ID (KYC) and saves your IP Address.
    • Merchants: Have you ever pay for a Non-Anonymous product/service using your wallet?.
    • Hackers: Crypto users are top targets for hackers.
    • Governments: Ultimately, crypto exchanges and Payment processors are forced to provide all their intel to governments.

How Much does it cost?

  • Mixing involves Blockchain interactions, fees are composed by:
    • Fixed Fees: 3% (of the total Mixed DAI).
    • Variable Fees: 2 times the Gas Fees for a DAI Transaction.
  • Gas Fees can be seen on Gas Tracker.
  • For instance: Mixing 100 DAI with a DAI Gas Fees of $1.5: You will receive 100-3%-(2x$1.5)= 94 DAI.

What is my Forwarding Address?

The Forwarding Address is the Wallet that will receive the Untraceable DAI after the Mixing process.

What is the Forwarding Delay?

Forwarding Delay is one of the tools used to prevent Blockchain-Analysis. Because sending you XXX.XX Untraceable DAI right after you Deposited XXX.XX to the DAI Mixer would constitute an anonymity breach.

What is Blockchain Analysis?

Blockchain analysis is a process of monitoring and investigating the blockchain to find correlations and digital footprints in order to reveal the true identity behind a wallet's address.

I accidentally closed the mixer.

No problem, if you saved your Session ID, you can Resume your Mixing Session.

Every Deposit that has been made to the Mixing Wallet will automatically be processed by the mixer and Anonymous DAI will be sent to your Forwarding Address after the Forwarding Delay.

If haven't deposited any DAI to the Mixer, or wish to Mix more DAI: just create a new Mixing Session.

Do you ask for KYC?

  • NO KYC! This Mixer is based in the Cayman Islands which does not comply with the Financial Actions Task Force (FATF), we do not enforce KYC.
  • The Mixer is Automated and does not require any personal information from its users.

What is your Log Policy?

The DAI Mixer does not collect nor store any information regarding its users or visitors.

Do you provide Letter Of Guarantee?

Yes, pnce your Mixing Session Started, you are able to download a Letter of Guarantee from the Mixer. This letter is a digitaly signed and commits us to transfer Untraceable DAI to your Forwarding Address for every Deposit you make to the Mixing Wallet.

You have another question?

Please contact us and with our support team will assist you.

Contact us

Whenever you need help or assistance for issues that can’t be resolved with our FAQ, you can count on our friendly support agents. They provide assistance 24/7.
* Please be as precise as possible and provide every information that would help us to answer.

Resume a Mixing Session

Your Session ID was given to you when you created your DAI Mixing Session.

You don't have your Session ID?

Your Session will be automatically destroyed after 24 hours and every deposit made to the Mixing wallet during your Mixing Session will be automatically processed and untraceable DAI will be sent to your Forwarding Address after the Forwarding Delay elapsed.

If you want to Mix more DAI: We invite you to create a new mixing session for it.

Mixer Config
  • Session ID:
    • Write it down to resume your session if something happens.
  • Expire in:
  • Forwarding Address:
  • Forwarding Delay:
  • Fees: 3% + 2×(DAI Transaction Cost)
Deposit address

Deposit Address:

  • Minimum Deposit: 50.00 DAI
  • Maximum Deposit: 500,000.00 DAI

Send the DAI that you want to anonymize to this Deposit Address using the Ethereum blockchain(Erc20).
Your transaction will automatically appear below under "Incoming Transactions".
Once your deposit transaction(s) confirmed, the mixer will send anonymous DAI to your chosen "Forwarding address", those transactions will be shown under "Outgoing Transactions".

Incoming Transactions
Waiting for your Deposit(s)
Outgoing Transactions

* Once your Anonymous DAI received, and if you don't wish to mix more DAI, we advice you to delete This Session, this will erease all the information related to this session. Sessions are automatically destroyed after 24 hours.

Do not send any coins to this wallet after deletion!

Not Found

Unfortunately, we couldn't find this Mixing Session ID, either:

  • You miswrote the Session ID.
  • You manually deleted your Mixing Session.
  • Your Mixing Session expired (after 24hrs).

Do not panic, every deposit made to the Mixing Wallet will automatically be mixed and Untraceable DAI forwarded to you.

Feel free to create a new mixing session if you wish to mix more DAI coins.